The restoration of this site is not complete

Finish restoring the backup of this site

Why do I see this page instead of my site?

A plugin installed on your site has detected that you currently a folder named installation in your site's root folder and that this installation folder contains a copy of the backup restoration script ANGIE.

This means that you have extracted, but not finished restoring, a site backup. Your site will not work properly just yet.

You need to complete the restoration by running the restoration script located in the “installation” folder of your site. If you are not sure how to do that please click the button below.

Finish restoring the backup of this site

After you are done restoring the site please remove the “installation” folder of your site. In most cases the restoration script will ask you to do this for you. If it reports an error trying to do that please read the rest of this page.

Still seeing this page after restoring your backup?

Please use FTP or your site control panel's file manager to remove the installation folder from your site. This will make this page go away and you will see your site again.

If you just did that and the “installation” folder does not exist in your site's root folder (where your wp-config.php file lives) you probably have a CDN or cache in front of your site. Please contact your host and ask them about the correct way to clean or reset this kind of cache so that you see your site instead of this page.